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  • The Genie is out of the bottle

Or more aptly put the sleeping customer giant has awoken and either he will eat from your hand or he will crush you on his way to your competition...... Read more


  • Its time to Hear the Truth From Your Customers

You can't get anywhere until you know where you are. For better or for worse you have to know....Read more


  • Some Businesses are Losing Customers and They Don’t Even Know it.

.Financial based reporting and metrics can be blind to the present state of customer attitudes. Customer based reporting is the only answer....Read more


  • One simple question - Is your business Product centered or Customer centered?

Here are a few simple ways to know.....Read more


  • It has been found that only about 5% of companies are able to string together 10 or more years of superior performance

 How do you stay relevant in your markets? There is only one way....Read more


  • Everyday more and more companies are finding the "low hanging fruit" in their customer data.   

And it doesn't cost anything.....Read more


  • Are You Getting any.....? Feedback that is.

It is now a fact! Bussinesses will die with out customer feedback. ....Read more


  • Technology is a beautiful thing - But its never the answer.

Too many people still believe that CRM is a technology solution and it costs them deaarly ..Read more


  • Is Business Culture Really Important?

. When “the way we do things” is because “its always the way we did it” trouble is almost certain to follow....Read more


Monthly Customer Metrics Highlight

A look at how data about individual customers if collected and used, can increase the value of the customer base in any organization.


Big data - Whats the Buzz? - Is there any value for smaller companies

. Data today is exploading into every industry and business function. There is the race to tame big data and create value for the organizations that are good at it. Customer information dealing with performance and preferences can now be captured everywhere. Business models can now be updated in real time with a constant view of customer behavior. Narrow segmentation brings the dream of truly one to one customer relationships closer to reality.

While the applications for big data are only limited by ones imagination a few things need to be considered:

One: Will big data take the analysis function away from people and create a completely data driven existance?

Two: How sucessful will the integration of social media (free form text) with pure transaction data to create business intelligence?

Three: Will smaller organizations wake up to the fact that they generate enough information on their own to create competitve intelligence if they are diciplined enough to work at it?


THE CUSTOMER CONCERN's great moments in customer innovation:

A small business owner in St. Paul Minnesota came up with this idea in 1912 while observing his customers closely. He later patented it and made a fortune.

What was the innovation???

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About the author: Chuck Wallin is a 20 year IT and business consultant with an MBA. He has done work with such companies as Barnes and Noble, CHASE, Arrow Electronics, and First Data Merchant Services. His web site www.thecustomerconcern deals with issues of Customer Relationship Management.